OMØ A/S is ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified & Puro certified

We work seriously with the environment, working environment and quality.

To ensure that we continue to focus on these areas, we have chosen to establish operating systems in accordance with international standards:

  • ISO 9001, quality
  • ISO 14001, external environment
  • ISO 45001, working environment

We have assembled the systems in a system called QHSE, which is certified annually by the Danish Institute for Certification.

See our QHSE policy here (Pdf)

All our services and work processes are covered by the system. For our customers and us, this means: No delays in production as all work processes are thoroughly worked out. Therefore, you do not risk the work having to be stopped in the middle of the process All environmental considerations have been taken into account and you are assured that you will not subsequently receive unpleasant "surprises" The quality is top notch.

We have extra focus on ensuring that all assignments are in order when we hand them in. Besides being a waste of resources for ALL parties, it is one of the biggest environmental burdens to do an assignment on!

You have no problems with environmental authorities (Environmental Control, Occupational Safety and Health). We know and follow ALL environmental rules, both when it comes to reports and rules from public authorities and the working environment

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