UHP Flushing

The equipment used for Ultra High Pressure Flushing is typically up to 1,500 bar. Our equipment used for concrete/wall flushing is typically 3,000 bar

Power plants / Combustion boilers:

  • Boiler room with masonry
  • Superheaters/Economizers with tight pipe bundles or very large bundles
  • Slag pushers/renders
  • Scrubbers and tanks
  • Evaporators as well as other


  • Oil/chemistry tanks
  • Other


  • Flush pumps up to 1,500 bar and up to 267 liters/min
  • Spool rigs
  • Various equipment such as Aquamat, BJV and rotor nozzles
  • Various pumps with lifting height up to 65 m

The UHP flushing is planned in collaboration with the customer in relation to the individual task and is carried out gently with special equipment that is selected taking into account the boiler's layout and access conditions.

Control methods:

  • Visual review
  • Possibility of photo documentation (before/after)

Water purification:

  • Reprotex system for cleaning flush water for minimal water consumption. This plant is typically combined with drainage/sludge containers