Cleaning standarts

OMØ specializes in boiler cleaning. Depending on needs, different cleaning standards are used alone or in combination with others

OMØ has developed various blowing standards for boiler cleaning.

OMØ Boiler Cleaning Standards (OBCS) describe what level the surfaces will have and in which area of the boiler the different blowing levels are used.

The level is decided based on what need you have and whether it e.g. is for:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thickness measurement
  • Repair work

OMØ has extensive experience with both grills, cfb and bfb boilers and can advise on planning audits so that the audit time is minimized.

Download the cleaning standards as PDF here

BCS nr. 1 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. High
BCS nr. 2 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. Medium
BCS nr. 3 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. Low
BCS nr. 4 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard - Cleaning inconell
BCS nr. 5 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard - Cleaning before inconell welding