Flake Lining

A preventative surface protection that can save maintenance costs

Flake Lining is a surface protection, consisting of glass-reinforced vinyl ester. The material has a very high chemical resistance and can i.a. resist condensing sulfuric acid in flue gases. OMØ has several types of vinyl ester products.

The current product and treatment are selected on the basis of:

  • Flue gas analysis
  • Temperature
  • Material
  • Construction

Flake Lining can withstand temperatures up to 180 ° dry air under permanent load Performing a Flake Lining with a long service life requires a careful and thorough pre-treatment with several control measurements during the course of the task. The treatment ends with a 100% pore search of the surface to ensure that it is completely tight.

Flake Lining can be made of steel and concrete and can e.g. used to:

  • Flue gas ducts
  • Suction blower housing and wheels
  • Bag filters
  • Concrete tanks and concrete gutters in flue building
  • Steel tanks and containers with corrosive contents
  • Absorb at power plants

During the treatment, we use strong ventilation using the OMØ Sugeren. This means that we can sandblast completely without the use of water. This ensures a completely dry surface before application. At the same time, the OMØ Vacuum Cleaner is used to ventilate solvents so that the best possible working environment is achieved. Virtually all plants have corrosion problems. Many people weld new plates in every year, with subsequent costs for, among other things: insulation, scaffolding, forging and welding work. Alternatively, a preventive solution can be chosen and thus the ongoing maintenance work is avoided.

Flake Lining is a really good investment. In the vast majority of cases, the surface protection lasts for more than 10 years. We can also combine Flake Lining with ceramic coatings, which is suitable for areas with heavy erosion. We are happy to come out and advise on how and what type of treatment can be performed with you.

We are also happy to provide a fixed price, so you have the opportunity to plan and budget your repair.