Blasting Cleaning

Blasting cleaning is often a good solution when pre-treating a surface that needs to be finished. It is a mechanical process in which a blowing agent is passed through a nozzle by means of air pressure. The process can take place with or without water additive. The process can also take place with many different types of blasting agent.

The pressure, the manual handling and the blasting agent are decisive for the outcome of the blasting cleaning.

In connection with corrosion protection, there are special requirements for the form of cleaning.

In OMØ, we operate with many different types of blow cleaning, from the very gentle and gentle treatment that only just removes the surface dirt, to the hard method that can remove hard-burned material in, for example, an incinerator. We always make a thorough assessment of a current task before we, in collaboration with the customer or their advisor, decide which type of blower cleaning is most appropriate.

Thorough and thorough preparation before cleaning is the first, essential prerequisite for a long and stable shelf life.