OMØ Mobile Fan

Flexible and mobile ventilation

The OMØ mobile fan is a unique and very flexible ventilation solution that can reduce the dust load and thus optimize working conditions in many contexts.

The OMØ mobile fan has been developed to solve this problem, as it has a unique suction vein of 20,000 m3/h. In addition, it is mounted on a trailer so that it can get in everywhere.

OMØ mobile fan can be used for boiler cleaning, ventilation cleaning, fan cleaning with sand, chopping, etc.

OMØ Mobile Fan are being used for boiler cleaning

Reduces the dust load and optimizes working conditions examples:

  • Vaccum enough for 2 fan cleaning systems
  • Can be quickly switched to by-pass around the filters
  • Used for cooling, extraction for inconell welding and extraction of water vapors from water cutting
  • Provides for efficient ventilation and an improvement of the working environment for all employee groups during audits
  • Shortens audit time with partial tarpaulin barriers
  • By blocking against electric filters, the suction draft fan can be switched off and the boiler can be blown clean at the same time as working on the flue gas side
  • By shutting off the oven, the boiler can be blown clean at the same time as working on, for example, a grate / funnel, etc.

The OMØ vacuum cleaner is mounted on a trailer, so it is mobile and can get in anywhere.

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