Questions about Covid-19

OMØ continuously monitors the spread of the Corona virus in the world. And we recommend that everyone informs the authorities on an ongoing basis and takes all precautions

Many are concerned about how coronavirus affects our society. We have a contingency plan so that the company can be kept going for as long as possible even if some employees become ill or have to stay at home. We are in ongoing dialogue with our customers and always follow the recommendations of the responsible authorities.

The situation changes hour by hour, and therefore we are constantly working to keep the information up to date. Under the heading you can see when this page was last updated.

1. Can Omø still perform its tasks despite the situation created by the coronavirus? Yes we can. All managers in the company have a contingency plan that allows the company to adapt and be kept going, even if employees have to stay home. We are aware that many of our customers themselves are affected by the situation in various ways, and we are in ongoing dialogue with them. We are in a situation like never before and large sections of society are affected. We will ask all our customers to help us lift the joint responsibility so that together we can tackle the situation as well as possible, through dialogue and by sharing information with us.

2. Has Omø changed anything in its way of performing its tasks? With us, safety always comes first. To curb the spread of the virus, we have introduced new guidelines, such as limiting physical contact and holding online meetings to avoid travel. As far as possible, our customers still get most of the services they usually do.

3. I am a customer and am concerned. What should I do? We fully understand that the new situation may cause concern. You are welcome to contact your permanent contact person at Omø. If you are in doubt about who to contact, you can send an email to our local customer service and we will put you in touch with them.

4. Do you have a plan to replace employees who cannot show up? We always do everything we can to ensure that the company is well staffed. In light of the new situation in connection with the coronavirus, all managers in the company also have a contingency plan so that the work can continue if employees are forced to stay at home.

5. Have you made sure that there is a specific guide in connection with the tasks where your employees need to have contact with customers? We must all take responsibility for limiting the spread of infection. Our guide states, among other things, that you should avoid physical contact and as far as possible hold online meetings instead of regular meetings. However, many of the tasks we perform do not involve physical contact with our customers.

6. My company is a customer of Omø, and we are currently in a situation where we can not make use of the service. What can be done about it? We would recommend that you contact your regular contact person on Omø. We all have a responsibility to limit the consequences of the current situation and together be aware of what solutions are possible to implement.

7. Are any of your employees in quarantine right now? With us, safety always comes first. This applies to both our employees, our customers and the community around us. Therefore, all employees who have symptoms of infection or the like must stay at home. And all employees who have the opportunity to work from home are encouraged to do so to minimize the spread of infection. In addition, all the instructions of the other authorities are complied with, e.g. regarding quarantine in connection with foreign travel.

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