Historien om Ragn-Sells AB

Circuit philosophy and knowledge of environmental protection are becoming more and more prominent, this is something that places demands on our organization. From just being carriers, we have evolved to be consultants, concept developers and manufacturers of secondary raw materials

The beginning of what is today Ragn-Sells can be traced back to 1881 when Amandus Zakarias Leonard Sellberg started "Sellbergs Ridning" in Stockholm. Later, Amandus Zakarias Leonard Sellberg married Axelia Häggberg, who lived on Väderholmen's farm in Sollentuna, where Ragn-Sell's head office is now located. Together they had a son Ragnar.

The basic idea and vision was; to make the land a better place for future generations, Ragnar continues to develop the business, and in 1933 he becomes CEO of AZ Sellbergs Åkeri. At this time, the company has about 100 horses. Over the coming years, many of the horses will be replaced in favor of new technology, namely cars.

The business has been run from the farm for several generations and everyone has contributed and helped as far as they could.

After a generational change in the 1960s, AZ Sellberg's Directory is sold. After some time, Ragnar leaves the post as president, and engage in his new company AB North Trim. The company is growing rapidly and becoming one of the leading companies in waste recycling. 1968 both companies change their name to Ragn-Sells AB. Ragnar continues to develop Swedish recycling and is an active environmental debater until his death in 1995.

In the third generation, Erik Sellberg will take over as CEO in 2008. Both before and after, Ragn-Sells AB has expanded and started up in several countries; Norway, Estonia, Denmark. Today, Lars Lindén is the CEO.